Adaptive Backward/Forward Sweep for Solving Power Flow of Islanded Microgrids


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This paper presents an algorithm for solving the power flow (PF) problem of droop-regulated AC microgrids (DRACMs) operating in isolated mode. These systems are based on radial distribution networks without having a slack bus to facilitate conventional computations. Moreover, distributed generation units have to distribute the power and voltage regulation among themselves as a function of operating frequency and voltage droop rather than having a slack bus that regulates voltage and power demands. Based on the conventional backward/forward sweep algorithm (BFS), the proposed method is a derivative-free PF algorithm. To manage the absence of a slack bus in the system, the BFS algorithm introduces new loops, equations, and self-adaptation procedures to its computation procedures. A comparison is presented between the proposed BFS algorithm and other state-of-the-art PF algorithms, as well as PSCAD/EMTDC. In comparison to existing algorithms, the proposed approach is fast, simple, accurate, and easy to implement, and it can be considered an effective tool for planning and analyzing islanded DRACMs.
islanded AC microgrid,backward,forward sweep algorithm,distributed generation,self-adaptation,power flow
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