Distributed Routing Controller for Large-scale Live Video Streams in Real-Time Networks


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Overlay routing control for live video delivery has become an important yet challenging task for Real-Time Networks (RTNs), but existing approaches designed for traditional Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) fall short of meeting the challenge. In this paper, we develop a distributed overlay routing controller for RTNs to deliver massive high-quality live video streams in low latencies. We first formulate a joint optimization that offers rich control flexibility and can yield low-latency and cost-effective routing solutions. To obtain the appealing potential value of the optimal solution in the context of large-scale live videos, we develop a distributed control framework that can find near-optimal solutions at fine-grained timescales. Evaluations on real-world live video traces show that our distributed controller derives high-quality (in terms of both performance and cost) overlay routing solutions while reducing the decision latency by 38%-89% compared to the state-of-the-art centralized controller.
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