NeRFLiX: High-Quality Neural View Synthesis by Learning a Degradation-Driven Inter-viewpoint MiXer


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Neural radiance fields (NeRF) show great success in novel view synthesis. However, in real-world scenes, recovering high-quality details from the source images is still challenging for the existing NeRF-based approaches, due to the potential imperfect calibration information and scene representation inaccuracy. Even with high-quality training frames, the synthetic novel views produced by NeRF models still suffer from notable rendering artifacts, such as noise, blur, etc. Towards to improve the synthesis quality of NeRF-based approaches, we propose NeRFLiX, a general NeRF-agnostic restorer paradigm by learning a degradation-driven inter-viewpoint mixer. Specially, we design a NeRF-style degradation modeling approach and construct large-scale training data, enabling the possibility of effectively removing NeRF-native rendering artifacts for existing deep neural networks. Moreover, beyond the degradation removal, we propose an inter-viewpoint aggregation framework that is able to fuse highly related high-quality training images, pushing the performance of cutting-edge NeRF models to entirely new levels and producing highly photo-realistic synthetic views.
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