Focus or Not: A Baseline for Anomaly Event Detection On the Open Public Places with Satellite Images

Yongjin Jeon,Youngtack Oh, Doyoung Jeong, Hyunguk Choi,Junsik Kim


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In recent years, monitoring the world wide area with satellite images has been emerged as an important issue. Site monitoring task can be divided into two independent tasks; 1) Change Detection and 2) Anomaly Event Detection. Unlike to change detection research is actively conducted based on the numerous datasets(\eg LEVIR-CD, WHU-CD, S2Looking, xView2 and etc...) to meet up the expectations of industries or governments, research on AI models for detecting anomaly events is passively and rarely conducted. In this paper, we introduce a novel satellite imagery dataset(AED-RS) for detecting anomaly events on the open public places. AED-RS Dataset contains satellite images of normal and abnormal situations of 8 open public places from all over the world. Each places are labeled with different criteria based on the difference of characteristics of each places. With this dataset, we introduce a baseline model for our dataset TB-FLOW, which can be trained in weakly-supervised manner and shows reasonable performance on the AED-RS Dataset compared with the other NF(Normalizing-Flow) based anomaly detection models. Our dataset and code will be publicly open in \url{}.
anomaly event detection,satellite
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