Multi-target object scattering imaging with intensity correlation of structured illumination.

Jingjing Zhang, Zhuhe Jing,Shupeng Zhao,Xiao Wang, Guangdong Ma, Yunlong Wang,Yongtao Zhao,Ruifeng Liu,Fuli Li

Optics letters(2023)

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Imaging through scattering layers based on the optical memory effect (OME) concept has been widely investigated in recent years. Among many scattering scenarios, it is very important to recover hidden targets with proper spatial distribution in the scene where multiple targets out of the OME range exist. In this Letter, we put forward a method for multi-target object scattering imaging. With the help of intensity correlation between the structured illumination patterns and recorded speckle images, the relative position of all hidden targets can be obtained and the movement of the targets within the OME range can be tracked. We experimentally implement scattering imaging with 16 targets and the motion tracking of them. Our results present a significant advance in a large field of view scattering imaging with multiple targets.
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