Integrated Detection and Imaging Algorithm for Radar Sparse Targets via CFAR-ADMM.

IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote. Sens.(2023)

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Most research on sparsity-driven synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging has been carried out in $\ell _{1}$ -norm regularization and considers that the SAR image contains only targets and noise, which ignores the clutter and seriously degrades classical algorithms. To address this problem, we propose an integrated detection and imaging algorithm for radar sparse targets with constant false alarm rate (CFAR) regularization by alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM), called CFAR-ADMM, and we further introduce total variation (TV) regularization and propose the more robust CFAR-TV-ADMM. First, a more complete echo signal model, which considers targets, the clutter, and the noise simultaneously, is established. Then, inspired by the CFAR detection, a novel regularization with sparse target awareness is proposed. The proposed regularization can obtain the statistical characteristics of clutter and noise region by region, and distinguish whether the current cell contains the target effectively and accurately. Benefiting from this novel regularization, CFAR-ADMM and TV-CFAR-ADMM can not only realize the sparse imaging but also detect sparse targets simultaneously, which can reduce the propagation error caused by cascading processing and improve the solution accuracy. Finally, the proposed algorithm is verified by simulation data results, phase transition analysis, and real data experiments.
ℓ1-norm regularization,alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM),constant false alarm rate (CFAR) regularization,detection and imaging,synthetic aperture radar (SAR)
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