AI-Oriented Two-Phase Multifactor Authentication in SAGINs: Prospects and Challenges


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Space-air-ground integrated networks (SAGINs), which have emerged as an expansion of terrestrial networks, provide flexible access, ubiquitous coverage, high-capacity backhaul, and emergency/disaster recovery for mobile users (MUs). While the massive benefits brought by SAGIN may improve the quality of service, unauthorized access to SAGIN entities is potentially dangerous. At present, conventional crypto-based authentication is facing challenges, such as the inability to provide continuous and transparent protection for MUs. In this article, we propose an AI-oriented two-phase multifactor authentication scheme (ATMAS) by introducing intelligence to authentication. The satellite and network control center collaborate on continuous authentication, while unique spatial-temporal features, including service features and geographic features are utilized to enhance the system security. Our further security analysis and performance evaluations show that ATMAS has proper security characteristics, which can meet various security requirements. Moreover, we shed light on lightweight and efficient authentication mechanism design through a proper combination of spatial-temporal factors.
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