Diffraction Characteristics of a Digital Micromirror Device for Computer Holography Based on an Accurate Three-Dimensional Phase Model


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A digital micromirror device (DMD) has a wide range of applications in holographic display, light field manipulation, etc., due to its high-speed refresh rates. In order to precisely control the wavefront, the influence of the micromirror array structure of the DMD requires careful analysis. Based on an accurate three-dimensional phase model of DMD, we analyzed the diffraction characteristics of DMD. The model was established by accurately describing the phase distribution along each micromirror surface direction, and the distance between the point on the micromirror and the diffraction plane. The results showed that the orders of the DMD are the results of two groups of micromirrors interfering with each other, and a slight offset occurs when the incidence angle is twice the micromirror tilt angle, which can be removed by adjusting the incidence angle. The phase distribution results showed the main order of the DMD with all micromirrors in the on state can be approximated as a plane wave, which means that the hologram can be normally loaded on the DMD without worrying about phase disturbance from the micromirror array structure. This provides great convenience for computer holography based on DMD. Numerical simulations and experiments demonstrated the effectiveness of the work.
holography,computer holography,DMD,holographic display
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