Reinforcement Learning based Scheduling Optimization Mechanism on Switches

2022 IEEE 28th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)(2023)

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In the data center network, mixed flows which have contradictory service requirements are transmitted simultaneously. Switches usually aggregate similar flows to the same queue after flow classification and schedule them using fair queuing and its extension schemes capable of flow isolation. These schemes implement diverse bandwidth allocation by assigning different weights to queues. Existing solutions rely on rich statistics such as packet arrival rate and delay to realize dynamic bandwidth allocation. However, many statistics are difficult to accurately measure or even obtain in real switches due to resource limitations. Providing differentiated services for mixed flows under such restrictions is still a challenge. To solve this issue, this paper proposed a reinforcement learning-based scheduling optimization (RLSO) mechanism. First, mixed flows scheduling is modeled as the Markov decision process (MDP) and Q-learning is used to find the approximate optimal solution with a few statistics. Second, the solution space is compressed to reduce the complexity of the algorithm and adapt to the limited performance of switches. Finally, the performance of the proposed mechanism is evaluated on a hardware testbed with workloads that include coarsegrained and fine-grained flows. The results show that RLSO can effectively schedule mixed flows.
scheduling,fair queueing,bandwidth allocation,Markov decision process,reinforcement learning
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