Stable attosecond beamline equipped with high resolution electron and XUV spectrometer based on high-harmonics generation

Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena(2023)

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We present a high-resolution and delay-stabilized setup for attosecond spectroscopy based on high-order harmonic generation from the intense laser passing through a differential gas cell. It shows the ability to generate the tunable photons from VUV to Soft X-ray (20-180 eV) at low backing pressure of target gas. This atto-beamline consists of an HHG source, electron and XUV spectrometers, and an active stabilization system. The measurements show it can be stabilized to sub-20 as in hours, together with a home-built XUV spectrometer with an energy resolution better than symbolscript >= symbolscript in the wavelength range of 5-25 nm. We demonstrated its applications for producing the narrowband XUV source, extending the cutoff energy of HHG, and performing RABBITT measurements, particularly for investigating the excitation and ionization dynamics of atoms and molecules in a broad energy range by measuring the electrons and photons with attosecond temporal resolution.
Atto-beamline,XUV-IR pump-probe,Attosecond spectroscopy,Interferometer,High-harmonic-generation
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