Flexible but Refractory Single-Crystalline Hyperbolic Metamaterials

Nano letters(2023)

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The fabrication of flexible single-crystalline plasmonic or photonic components in a scalable way is fundamentally important to flexible electronic and photonic devices with high speed, high energy efficiency, and high reliability. However, it remains to be a big challenge so far. Here, we have successfully synthesized flexible single-crystalline optical hyperbolic metamaterials by directly depositing refractory nitride superlattices on flexible fluoro phlogopite-mica substrates with magnetron sputtering. Interestingly, these flexible hyperbolic metamaterials show dual-band hyperbolic dispersion of dielectric constants with low dielectric losses and high figure-of-merit in the visible to near-infrared ranges. More importantly, the optical properties of these nitride-based flexible hyperbolic metamaterials show remarkable stability under either heating or bending. Therefore, the strategy developed in this work offers an easy and scalable route to fabricate flexible, high-performance, and refractory plasmonic or photonic components, which can significantly expand the applications of current electronic and photonic devices.
epitaxy,flexible,hyperbolic metamaterials,refractory,transition-metal nitride
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