PointShopAR: Supporting Environmental Design Prototyping Using Point Cloud in Augmented Reality

CHI 2023(2023)

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We present PointShopAR, a novel tablet-based system for AR environmental design using point clouds as the underlying representation. It integrates point cloud capture and editing in a single AR workflow to help users quickly prototype design ideas in their spatial context. We hypothesize that point clouds are well suited for prototyping, as they can be captured more rapidly than textured meshes and then edited immediately in situ on the capturing device. We based the design of PointShopAR on the practical needs of six architects in a formative study. Our system supports a variety of point cloud editing operations in AR, including selection, transformation, hole filling, drawing, morphing, and animation. We evaluate PointShopAR through a remote study on usability and an in-person study on environmental design support. Participants were able to iterate design rapidly, showing the merits of an integrated capture and editing workflow with point clouds in AR environmental design.
AR design, point cloud, capture and editing
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