Generalized Universal Domain Adaptation with Generative Flow Networks


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We introduce a new problem in unsupervised domain adaptation, termed as Generalized Universal Domain Adaptation (GUDA), which aims to achieve precise prediction of all target labels including unknown categories. GUDA bridges the gap between label distribution shift-based and label space mismatch-based variants, essentially categorizing them as a unified problem, guiding to a comprehensive framework for thoroughly solving all the variants. The key challenge of GUDA is developing and identifying novel target categories while estimating the target label distribution. To address this problem, we take advantage of the powerful exploration capability of generative flow networks and propose an active domain adaptation algorithm named GFlowDA, which selects diverse samples with probabilities proportional to a reward function. To enhance the exploration capability and effectively perceive the target label distribution, we tailor the states and rewards, and introduce an efficient solution for parent exploration and state transition. We also propose a training paradigm for GUDA called Generalized Universal Adversarial Network (GUAN), which involves collaborative optimization between GUAN and GFlowNet. Theoretical analysis highlights the importance of exploration, and extensive experiments on benchmark datasets demonstrate the superiority of GFlowDA.
generalized universal domain adaptation,generative flow networks
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