Practical Channel Splicing using OFDM Waveforms for Joint Communication and Sensing in the IoT


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Channel splicing is a rather new and very promising concept. It allows to realize a wideband channel sounder by combining multiple narrow-band measurements. Among others, channel splicing is a sparse sensing techniques suggested for use in joint communication and sensing (JCAS), channel measurements and prediction using cheap hardware that cannot measure wideband channels directly such as in the internet of things (IoT). This work validates the practicality of a channel splicing technique by integrating it into an OFDM-based IEEE 802.11ac system, which we consider representative for many IoT solutions. Our system allows computing both the channel impulse response (CIR) and the channel frequency response (CFR). In this paper, we concentrate on the impact of the number of sub-bands in our study and show that even using only 50% of the overall spectrum leads to very accurate CIR measures. We validate the system in simulation and confirm the results in an experimental in-door scenario using software defined radios.
ofdm waveforms,joint communication
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