Efficient distributed broadcasting algorithms for cognitive radio networks-enabled smart agriculture


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Smart agriculture has a broad prospect with the fast development of information technologies, such as Internet of Things, big data, edge computing and artificial intelligence. As more intelligent devices are deployed for agricultural scenarios, such as quality monitoring and information aggregation, the communication channels among these devices will be crowded and the performance can be greatly affected. Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) are promising in promoting better spectrum utilization, where unlicensed users can opportunistically use the vacant spectrum assigned to licensed users. On the basis of CRNs, many agricultural scenarios can be empowered with efficient communication capabilities. However, the broadcasting problem, which handles the information dissemination, has not been thoroughly studied in CRNs. Existing works are either centralized solutions performing broadcast on single/multiple channels, or distributed algorithms without performance guarantee for general networks. In this paper, we propose efficient distributed algorithms with short broadcast delay and high success ratio. The difficulties lie in the non-uniform channel availability, which entails broadcasting on multiple channels even for single-hop neighbors, and the distributed behaviors, where the users are only aware of the local information. Our contributions are threefold. First, we propose an efficient distributed rendezvous algorithm which spurs the neighbors to find the common channels in a short time. Second, we handle the single-hop broadcast by presenting two distributed algorithms and they guarantee a successful broadcast in O(Delta(2) log log N) and.. time slots respectively, where.. is the number of channels and Delta is the maximum number of neighbors. Finally, we extend these algorithms to multi-hop broadcast and the broadcast delay is only up to.. times the delay of single-hop, where.. is the network diameter. We also conduct extensive simulations and the results corroborate our theoretical analyses.
Smart agriculture, Cognitive radio network, Communication channel, Broadcasting
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