Simulation and Analysis of Position Change Deviation of Equivalent Measurement of Time Domain Transient Magnetic Field Differential Probe

Fadong Li,Ronggang Cao, Jiawu Li, Yuxi Cao, Yu Zhou, Anqi Zhang

The Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of China Electrotechnical Society(2023)

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This paper used Ls-Dyna to simulate the measurement process of the differential probe in the time-domain transient magnetic field, then figure out the displacement-time and velocity-time data measured by the differential probes. There is a variation in the equivalent measurement position of the differential probes by comparing the displacement data of the probes with the corresponding simulation values. From the simulation results. In the previous phase of the armature acceleration, the probe displacement deviates significantly from the simulated value; with the increase of the armature velocity, this value fluctuates; at the telophase of acceleration, the displacement difference is negligible. The equivalent displacement deviation of the corresponding simulation value shows positive and negative fluctuations based on the displacement difference of adjacent probes. Excluding extreme cases, the absolute value of the deviation is within 5%; at the acceleration telophase, it is within 2%. This deviation makes the output of the differential probes inaccurate in the time domain, which is significant for the related experiments when measuring the transient information of the armature motion in the electromagnetic launch by the differential probe.
Electromagnetic launch, Railgun, Differential probe, Positional deviation
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