Transforming Human-Centered AI Collaboration: Redefining Embodied Agents Capabilities through Interactive Grounded Language Instructions


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Human intelligence's adaptability is remarkable, allowing us to adjust to new tasks and multi-modal environments swiftly. This skill is evident from a young age as we acquire new abilities and solve problems by imitating others or following natural language instructions. The research community is actively pursuing the development of interactive "embodied agents" that can engage in natural conversations with humans and assist them with real-world tasks. These agents must possess the ability to promptly request feedback in case communication breaks down or instructions are unclear. Additionally, they must demonstrate proficiency in learning new vocabulary specific to a given domain. In this paper, we made the following contributions: (1) a crowd-sourcing tool for collecting grounded language instructions; (2) the largest dataset of grounded language instructions; and (3) several state-of-the-art baselines. These contributions are suitable as a foundation for further research.
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