Dust-Induced Regulation of Thermal Radiation in Water Droplets

Chinese Physics Letters(2023)

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Accurate and fast prediction of thermal radiation properties of materials is crucial for their potential applica-tions.However,some models assume that the media are made up of pure water droplets,which do not account for the increasing deviations caused by volcanic eruptions,pollution,and human activities that exacerbate dust production.The distinct radiation properties of water and dust particles make it challenging to determine the thermal radiation properties of water droplets containing dust particles.To address this issue,we investigate the influence of dust particles on light transmission and energy distribution in water droplets using the multiple sphere T-matrix method.By considering different droplet and dust diameters,volume fractions,and position dis-tributions,we analyze how extinction regulation is achieved in dust-containing water droplets.Our results reveal the significant role of dust particles in the thermal radiation effect and provide insights into the electromagnetic properties of colloidal suspensions.Moreover,the dust-induced reestablishment of energy balance raises concerns about environmental management and climate change.This research highlights the importance of accounting for dust particles in atmospheric models and their potential impact on radiative balance.
droplets,thermal radiation,dust-induced
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