Multi-Dimensional Spread Target Detection with Across Range-Doppler Unit Phenomenon Based on Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform.

Remote. Sens.(2023)

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Severe phenomena of across range-Doppler unit (ARDU) and decoherence occur when radar detects high-speed and high-maneuvering targets, causing degradation in detection performance of traditional FFT radar detection methods. The improvement in radar resolution causes a multi-dimensional spread phenomenon, where different scattering centers of the target are distributed on different range units, along with motion parameters such as velocity and acceleration. Unfortunately, current radar detection methods focus solely on range spread targets and cannot handle multi-dimensional spread, leading to a significant decline in detection performance. To overcome this problem, this paper proposes several methods to achieve high detection performance for multi-dimensional spread target detection with ARDU phenomenon. Firstly, the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) is derived, and the energy integration generalized Rayleigh Fourier transform (EI-GRFT) is introduced to improve the detection performance of range spread cross-unit targets. Additionally, the double-threshold based hybrid GRFT (DT-HGRFT) is presented as an enhancement of EI-GRFT, enabling long-time integration along slow time and integration among multiple scatters by using HGRFT and multi-dimensional sliding double-threshold detection, respectively. Furthermore, a method for joint detections of multiple DT-HGRFTs is provided to handle the case where the number of scattering centers of multi-dimensional spread targets is unknown. Finally, a detailed theoretical analysis of the performance of the proposed method is presented, along with extensive simulations and practical experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods.
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