Tensorized Hypergraph Neural Networks

arXiv (Cornell University)(2023)

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Hypergraph neural networks (HGNN) have recently become attractive and received significant attention due to their excellent performance in various domains. However, most existing HGNNs rely on first-order approximations of hypergraph connectivity patterns, which ignores important high-order information. To address this issue, we propose a novel adjacency-tensor-based Tensorized Hypergraph Neural Network (THNN). THNN is a faithful hypergraph modeling framework through high-order outer product feature message passing and is a natural tensor extension of the adjacency-matrix-based graph neural networks. The proposed THNN is equivalent to a high-order polynomial regression scheme, which enables THNN with the ability to efficiently extract high-order information from uniform hypergraphs. Moreover, in consideration of the exponential complexity of directly processing high-order outer product features, we propose using a partially symmetric CP decomposition approach to reduce model complexity to a linear degree. Additionally, we propose two simple yet effective extensions of our method for non-uniform hypergraphs commonly found in real-world applications. Results from experiments on two widely used hypergraph datasets for 3-D visual object classification show the model's promising performance.
neural networks
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