Validation of the European Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Test Battery (CNTB) for the assessment of mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease


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BackgroundThe Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Test Battery (CNTB) is a novel test battery specifically designed to reduce the impact of multiculturality in cognitive assessment. ObjectiveWe aimed to validate the CNTB in Spaniards in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), including patients at mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and mild dementia stages, and Parkinson's disease with MCI (PD-MCI). MethodsThirty patients with AD-MCI, 30 with AD-dementia (AD-D), and 30 with PD-MCI were recruited. Each clinical group was compared against a healthy control group (HC) with no differences in sex, age, or years of education. Intergroup comparisons, ROC analysis, and cut-off scores were calculated. ResultsAD-MCI scored lower than HC in those subtests associated with episodic memory and verbal fluency. AD-D also showed lower scores in executive functions and visuospatial tests. Effect sizes for all the subtests were large. PD-MCI showed lower performance than HC in memory and executive functions, particularly on error scores, with large effect sizes. Comparing AD-MCI and PD-MCI, AD-MCI had lower memory scores, while PD-MCI showed the worst performance in executive functions. CNTB showed appropriate convergent validity with standardized neuropsychological tests measuring the same cognitive domains. We obtained similar cut-off scores to previous studies performed in other populations. ConclusionsThe CNTB showed appropriate diagnostic properties in AD and PD, including those stages with mild cognitive impairment. This supports the utility of the CNTB for the early detection of cognitive impairment in AD and PD.
Alzheimer's disease,cognitive assessment,cross-cultural neuropsychology,mild cognitive impairment,Parkinson's disease
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