Frequency reconfigurable antenna actuated by inflated triangular structure: Design and analysis

Chinese Journal of Aeronautics(2023)

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This paper proposes a frequency reconfigurable triangular antenna actuated by an inflated triangular structure. The open path antenna is transformed from an open type to a closed structure by inflating. Inflatable structures are easy to manufacture by fusing 2 inextensible membranes together along a defined pattern of lines. However, the prediction of their deployed shape remains a challenge. To solve the pattern changed problem, guided by geometric analyses and local buckle characteristics, the inflated triangular structure has been designed and verified by experiment and simulation. In the process of transformation of the antenna, the resonant frequency of the antenna is changed because this frequency is determined by the conformational change. The resonant frequency changes from GHz to kHz when the design of initial structure sizes is from millimeter to meter. The measured peak gains, the frequency, and the radiation direction are also reconfigurable by the initial size. Finally, the reconfigurable resonator array is presented, which is coupled to electric fields to absorb all incident radiation. In this work, the changed pattern design by inflating is applied to the antenna design, and its frequency reconfigurability is achieved. Through the electricity performance analysis of the reconfigurable antenna, precise manufacturing will be possible and provide guidance for manufacturing frequency reconfigurable antennas.
Free kink design,Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna (FRA),Inflated,Return losses,Thin film
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