Study on the Extraction Method for Ecological Corridors under the Cumulative Effect of Road Traffic


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Research on ecological corridor extraction methods has made some progress and has been gradually applied to the planning and construction of regional ecological corridors, which play a role in biodiversity conservation efforts. However, the factors affecting species migration in ecological environments are very complex, especially anthropogenic disturbances, typically including noise pollution. Their effects on species habitats, reproduction, predation, and other activities are currently underestimated. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for superposition analysis of multiple road impacts and construct an ecological corridor extraction method that considers landscape pattern, habitat quality, remote sensing ecology, and road traffic resistance to address the shortcomings of current ecological corridor extraction methods that underestimate the potential impacts of road traffic. An extraction of ecological corridors was completed in Wuhan, and a quantitative comparative analysis was conducted from multiple perspectives. The results show that the improved method was effective, with the proportion of ecological corridors not re-identified due to road traffic impacts being 0.45% and the proportion of ecological corridors with significant changes in spatial location, represented by regions far from roads or high road network density, being 22.15% in the whole of Wuhan.
ecological corridors,extraction method,road
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