Fractional-order ascent maximum mixture correntropy criterion for FLANNs based multi-channel nonlinear active noise control

Journal of Sound and Vibration(2023)

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The filtered-s maximum correntropy criterion (FsMCC) algorithm was developed for nonlinear active noise control (NANC) in impulsive noise environments with the use of functional linked artificial neural networks (FLANNs) structure. However, the kernel-width of the FsMCC is constant, which is dull and cannot self-regulate to achieve both the fast convergence and low steady-state error performance. For better convergence ability, in this paper, a fractional-order gradient ascent filtered-s maximum correntropy criterion algorithm (FGA-FsMCC) is presented for multi-channel NANC system. The fractional lower-order moments supersede the non-existent second-order moments. To come up with a more reliable algorithm, by merging two kernels with complementary width, the fractional-order gradient ascent filtered-s mixture correntropy criterion (FGA-FsMMCC) was presented. The computational complexity and convergence conditions are analyzed. To verify the robustness of proposed algorithms, simulations are carried out to discuss parameters and control effects of algorithms for alpha-stable noise in different nonlinear environments.
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