Sub-cellular population imaging tools reveal stable apical dendrites in hippocampal area CA3.

Research square(2023)

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Anatomically segregated apical and basal dendrites of pyramidal neurons receive functionally distinct inputs, but it is unknown if this results in compartment-level functional diversity during behavior. Here we imaged calcium signals from apical dendrites, soma, and basal dendrites of pyramidal neurons in area CA3 of mouse hippocampus during head-fixed navigation. To examine dendritic population activity, we developed computational tools to identify dendritic regions of interest and extract accurate fluorescence traces. We identified robust spatial tuning in apical and basal dendrites, similar to soma, though basal dendrites had reduced activity rates and place field widths. Across days, apical dendrites were more stable than soma or basal dendrites, resulting in better decoding of the animal’s position. These population-level dendritic differences may reflect functionally distinct input streams leading to different dendritic computations in CA3. These tools will facilitate future studies of signal transformations between cellular compartments and their relation to behavior.
stable apical dendrites,sub-cellular
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