Iron oxide-EDTA nanoparticles for chelation-enhanced chemodynamic therapy and ion interference therapy.

Biomaterials science(2023)

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As an emerging anti-tumor strategy, chemodynamic therapy (CDT) utilizes a Fenton/Fenton-like reaction to generate highly toxic hydroxyl radicals to kill tumor cells. However, the efficiency of CDT is still hindered by the low Fenton/Fenton-like reaction rate. Herein, we report the combination of ion interference therapy (IIT) and chemodynamic therapy (CDT) an amorphous iron oxide (AIO) nanomedicine with encapsulated EDTA-2Na (EDTA). Iron ions and EDTA are released from the nanomedicine in acidic tumors and chelate to form iron ion-EDTA, which improves the efficiency of CDT and promotes the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In addition, EDTA can disrupt the homeostasis of Ca in tumor cells by chelating with Ca ions, which induces the separation of tumor cells and affects normal physiological activities. Both and experiments show that the nano chelating drugs exhibit significant improvement in Fenton reaction performance and excellent anti-tumor activity. This study based on chelation provides a new idea for designing efficient catalysts to enhance the Fenton reaction and provides more revelations on future research on CDT.
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