Cognitive Bias Modification Training Targeting Fatigue in Patients With Kidney Disease: Usability Study.

Jody Geerts,Marcel Pieterse, Goos Laverman,Femke Waanders, Nicole Oosterom, Jacqueline Slegten,Elske Salemink,Christina Bode

JMIR formative research(2023)

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To the best of our knowledge, this study is the first to introduce a CBM training targeting fatigue. Furthermore, this study provides one of the first user evaluations of a CBM training, both among patients with kidney disease and their care providers. Overall, the training was evaluated positively, although acceptability showed mixed results. Applicability was positive although barriers were identified. The proposed solutions require further testing, preferably following the same frameworks, as the iteration in this study contributed positively to the quality of the training. Therefore, future research should follow the same frameworks and consider stakeholders and end users in eHealth intervention design.
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