Characterization of kitchen and municipal organic waste for biogas production: Effect of parameters.


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Globally, the production of municipal solid waste is rising annually because of consumerism and the urbanization process. In the past few years, different researchers have explored strategies for generating biogas from various organic wastes. In this study, kitchen waste and municipal solid waste were characterized by several physical-chemical parameters. Ten of these substrates were mono-digested for biogas production in batch reactors where cabbage showed a 96.36 ± 1.73% volatile solid and biogas yield of 800 ± 8.8 mL within 10 days, while cooked rice had an 83.00 ± 1.49% volatile solid, and a biogas yield of 2821 ± 31.03 mL within 28 days. The CN ratio for cabbage and cooked rice waste was 13.9 and 30.9 respectively, whereas their pH values were 6.2 and 7.2. Based on the characterization and biogas yields attained, cooked rice waste could be mono-digested for biogas production and no published work showed a high yield as the current study while the other substrates require co-digestion to improve the biogas yield.
Characterization, Total solids, Volatile solids, Biogas yield, Cooked rice, Cabbage
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