Intermolecular Charge Transfer Induced Fragmentation of Formic Acid Dimers.

Physical review letters(2023)

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We investigate the intermolecular nonradiative charge transfer process in a double hydrogen-bonded formic acid (FA) dimer, initiated by electron-collision induced double ionization of one FA molecule. Through fragment ions and electron coincident momentum measurements and ab initio calculations, we obtain direct evidence that electron transfer from the neighboring FA molecule to fill one of the two vacancies occurs by a potential energy curve crossing of FA^{++}+FA with FA^{+}+FA^{+*} curves, forming an electronic excited state of dicationic dimers. This process causes the breaking of two hydrogen bonds and subsequently the cleavage of C─H and C─O covalent bonds in the dimers, which is expected to be a general phenomenon occurring in molecular complexes and can have important implications for radiation damage to biological matter.
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