Cold Shock Domain Protein DbpA Orchestrates Tubular Cell Damage and Interstitial Fibrosis in Inflammatory Kidney Disease.


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DNA-binding protein A (DbpA) belongs to the Y-box family of cold shock domain proteins that exert transcriptional and translational activities in the cell via their ability to bind and regulate mRNA. To investigate the role of DbpA in kidney disease, we utilized the murine unilateral ureter obstruction (UUO) model, which recapitulates many features of obstructive nephropathy seen in humans. We observed that DbpA protein expression is induced within the renal interstitium following disease induction. Compared with wild-type animals, obstructed kidneys from -deficient mice are protected from tissue injury, with a significant reduction in the number of infiltrating immune cells as well as in extracellular matrix deposition. RNAseq data from UUO kidneys show that is expressed by activated fibroblasts, which reside within the renal interstitium. Our data support a role for DbpA in orchestrating renal fibrosis and suggest that strategies targeting DbpA may be a therapeutic option to slow disease progression.
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