Flexural behavior of seawater sea-sand concrete short beams reinforced with bamboo sheet

Journal of Building Engineering(2023)

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Bamboo reinforced concrete beams improved beam bearing capacity, but bamboo reinforcement's cross-sectional area affected its bond strength with concrete. Plain seawater seasand concrete beams are prone to cracking and poor flexural resistance. In order to solve these problems, this paper proposes bamboo sheet as a reinforcement material to improve the flexural behavior of plain seawater sea-sand concrete beams. Experimental results analyzed bamboo sheet reinforced seawater sea-sand concrete beam failure and ultimate bearing capacity. This test used 6 groups of 24 short beams: 5 groups of reinforced concrete and 1 group of contrast plain concrete, this test variable was reinforcement layers. The bamboo sheet reinforcement region was the entire beam bottom, which was strongly pasted to the beam bottom by resin glue. Bamboo sheet reinforcement increased beam deflection and flexural capacity, while the number of layers affected flexural behavior. When compared to plain seawater sea-sand concrete beam, the reinforcement effect was best when the number of bamboo sheet layers was 5, with the flexural capacity improvement degree being 81.88%. Finally, a theoretical calculation model for the bamboo sheet reinforced beam predicted its ultimate flexural capacity, with errors within 10%.
Seawater sea-sand concrete beam,Bamboo sheet,Flexural behavior,Theoretical calculation
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