Strategies for improving resilience of regional integrated energy systems in the prevention–resistance phase of integration

Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems(2023)

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The construction of integrated energy systems can help improve energy efficiency and promote global energy transition. However, in recent years, the occurrence of extreme natural disasters has brought certain threats to the safe and stable operation of the integrated energy system. Thus, it is necessary to improve the ability of the integrated energy system to resist disasters, reduce disaster losses, and restore energy supply as soon as possible, i.e., improve its resilience. Considering the influence of pre-disaster prevention measures and disaster-time operational measures on system disaster resilience and the correlation between the two, this paper proposes a system hardening strategy based on three-layer robust optimization. The upper layer formulates the optimal hardening strategy of the system before the disaster event occurs, the middle layer identifies the failed elements in the worst disaster situation, while the lower layer realizes the system operational optimization by coordinating the energy storage charging and discharging plan of each subsystem. The strategy can reduce the total supply shortage of the integrated energy system and improve the flexibility of the system in the pre-disaster prevention and disaster resistance integration stages.
Integrated energy system,Natural disasters,Prevention–resistance,Resilience improvement,Robust optimization
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