Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis of Procambarus clarkii and Cambaroides dauricus from China.

International journal of molecular sciences(2023)

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To enhance the management and protection of crayfish genetic diversity and germplasm resources in Cambaroides dauricus (C. dauricus), a common species of Procambarus clarkii (P. clarkii) was used as a control group to compare the whole mitochondrial genome sequence using Illumina sequencing technology. This study found that the mitochondrial genome of C. dauricus is 15580 bp in length, with a base composition of A (31.84%), G (17.66%), C (9.42%), and T (41.08%) and a C + G content of 27.08%. The C + G in the D-loop is rich in 17.06%, indicating a significant preference. The mitochondrial genome of C. dauricus contains 13 protein-coding genes, 22 tRNA genes, and 2 rRNA genes, with most of the genes labeled in the negative direction, except for a few genes that are labeled in the positive direction. The start codons of the ten coding sequences are ATG, and the quintessential TAA and TAG are the stop codons. This study also found that the Ka/Ks ratios of most protein-coding genes in the mitochondria of both shrimps are lower than 1, indicating weak natural selection, except for nad 2, nad 5, and cox 1. The Ka/Ks ratio of cox 3 is the lowest (less than 0.1), indicating that this protein-coding gene bears strong natural selection pressure and functional constraint in the process of mitochondrial genetic evolution of both shrimps. Furthermore, we constructed phylogenetic analyses based on the entire sequence, which effectively distinguishes the high body from other shrimp species of the genus based on the mitochondrial genome. This study provides molecular genetic data for the diversity investigation and protection of fishery resources with Chinese characteristics and a scientific reference for the evolutionary study of Procambarus.
complete mitochondrial genome sequence,cambaroides dauricus,phylogenetic analysis,genome sequence,procambarus
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