A Wearable EEG Acquisition Device With Flexible Silver Ink Screen Printed Dry Sensors.


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Current electroencephalogram (EEG) measuring systems are bulky, impose constraints on patients, and require pre and post-measuring procedures. Usually, the EEG systems use either wet or dry EEG sensors, with the former suffers from skin preparation, the issues of adhesive conductive gels, and one-time usability whereas the latter causes skin irritation, abrasion, and pain upon pressure. Hence, these sensors are not suitable for long-term measurements. This paper presents a novel, wireless, behind-the-ear wearable EEG acquisition device that incorporates flexible dry EEG sensors. Silver ink-printed flexible sensors are fabricated using screen printing to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks and limitations of conventional EEG sensors. The flexible sensors form a capacitive link with the skin via an adhesive layer between the sensor and the person's skin and are capable of acquiring the EEG without any skin preparation or gel. The performance of the printed flexible EEG sensors is tested by comparing them with the standard Ag/AgCl pre-gelled sensors. The alpha wave test and evoked potential EEG test are also performed for verification. The proposed device has a small form factor similar to a hearing aid and an in-house configurable Analog Front End (AFE) and Digital Back End (DBE) Processor and is capable of acquiring continuous EEG for a longer duration in a user-friendly and socially discrete manner.
Analog Front End (AFE),Digital Back End (DBE),Chronic Neurological Disorders (CNDs),Flexible Dry EEG Sensors,Screen printing,Sensor-Skin Impedance (SSI),Sensors (Electrodes)
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