PartSeg: Few-shot Part Segmentation via Part-aware Prompt Learning


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In this work, we address the task of few-shot part segmentation, which aims to segment the different parts of an unseen object using very few labeled examples. It is found that leveraging the textual space of a powerful pre-trained image-language model (such as CLIP) can be beneficial in learning visual features. Therefore, we develop a novel method termed PartSeg for few-shot part segmentation based on multimodal learning. Specifically, we design a part-aware prompt learning method to generate part-specific prompts that enable the CLIP model to better understand the concept of ``part'' and fully utilize its textual space. Furthermore, since the concept of the same part under different object categories is general, we establish relationships between these parts during the prompt learning process. We conduct extensive experiments on the PartImageNet and Pascal$\_$Part datasets, and the experimental results demonstrated that our proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance.
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