EdgeAdaptor: Online Configuration Adaption, Model Selection and Resource Provisioning for Edge DNN Inference Serving at Scale

IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing(2023)

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The accelerating convergence of artificial intelligence and edge computing has sparked a recent wave of interest in edge intelligence. While pilot efforts focused on edge DNN inference serving for a single user or DNN application, scaling edge DNN inference serving to multiple users and applications is however nontrivial. In this paper, we propose an online optimization framework EdgeAdaptor for multi-user and multi-application edge DNN inference serving at scale, which aims to navigate the three-way trade-off between inference accuracy, latency, and resource cost via jointly optimizing the application configuration adaption, DNN model selection and edge resource provisioning on-the-fly. The underlying long-term optimization problem is difficult since it is NP-hard and involves future uncertain information. To address these dual challenges, we fuse the power of online optimization and approximate optimization into a joint optimization framework, via i) decomposing the long-term problem into a series of single-shot fractional problems with a regularization technique, and ii) rounding the fractional solution to a near-optimal integral solution with a randomized dependent scheme. Rigorous theoretical analysis derives a parameterized competition ratio of our online algorithms, and extensive trace-driven simulations verify that its empirical value is no larger than 1.4 in typical scenarios.
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