Sliding Mode Control for Parallel DC–DC Converter Network Systems With Uniform Quantization and Discretization Effects

IEEE Access(2023)

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In this paper, a uniform quantization design method for the parallel text DC-DC converter network control system (NCS) is proposed in combination with the sliding mode control (SMC) strategy to solve the problem that performing the system is poor because of the inability to process long signals in time. Taking the parallel buck converter as an example, first, the master-slave current sharing SM controller of the parallel buck converter is designed. Then, the NCS containing the designed SM controller is uniformly quantized in the continuous domain, and the stability performance of the system is analyzed according to the quantization error. Considering the parallel buck converter’s application in the digital control system, the discretization effect of the uniform quantization SMC system is studied using a text zero-order hold (ZOH), and the stability conditions of the discrete quantization system are given. Finally, the system’s state trajectories and output performances under different parameters in the continuous domain and discrete domain are analyzed by simulations, and the correctness and reliability of the uniform quantization SMC system designed in this paper are further verified by experiments.
Parallel DC/DC converters,sliding mode control,network signal transmission,uniform quantizer,discretization effect
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