Synthesis of CuCo 2 S 4 @Expanded Graphite with crystal/amorphous heterointerface and defects for electromagnetic wave absorption

Nature Communications(2023)

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The remarkable advantages of heterointerface and defect engineering and their unique electromagnetic characteristics inject infinite vitality into the design of advanced carbon-matrix electromagnetic wave absorbers. However, understanding the interface and dipole effects based on microscopic and macroscopic perspectives, rather than semi-empirical rules, can facilitate the design of heterointerfaces and defects to adjust the impedance matching and electromagnetic wave absorption of the material, which is currently lacking. Herein, CuCo 2 S 4 @Expanded Graphite heterostructure with multiple heterointerfaces and cation defects are reported, and the morphology, interfaces and defects of component are regulated by varying the concentration of metal ions. The results show that the 3D flower-honeycomb morphology, the crystal-crystal/amorphous heterointerfaces and the abundant cation defects can effectively adjust the conductive and polarization losses, achieve the impedance matching balance of carbon materials, and improve the absorption of electromagnetic wave. For the sample CEG-6, the effective absorption of Ku band with RL min of −72.28 dB and effective absorption bandwidth of 4.14 GHz is realized at 1.4 mm, while the filler loading is only 7.0 wt. %. This article reports on the establishment of potential relationship between crystal-crystal/amorphous heterointerfaces, cation defects, and the impedance matching of carbon materials.
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