Human Following in Mobile Platforms with Person Re-Identification


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Human following is a crucial feature of human-robot interaction, yet it poses numerous challenges to mobile agents in real-world scenarios. Some major hurdles are that the target person may be in a crowd, obstructed by others, or facing away from the agent. To tackle these challenges, we present a novel person re-identification module composed of three parts: a 360-degree visual registration, a neural-based person re-identification using human faces and torsos, and a motion tracker that records and predicts the target person's future position. Our human-following system also addresses other challenges, including identifying fast-moving targets with low latency, searching for targets that move out of the camera's sight, collision avoidance, and adaptively choosing different following mechanisms based on the distance between the target person and the mobile agent. Extensive experiments show that our proposed person re-identification module significantly enhances the human-following feature compared to other baseline variants.
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