Linguistic and Clinical Validation of the Tajik Acute Cystitis Symptom Score for Diagnosis and Patient-Reported Outcome in Acute Uncomplicated Cystitis


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Background and Objectives: Acute Cystitis Symptom Score (ACSS) is a self-reporting questionnaire for clinical diagnosis and follow-up of acute uncomplicated cystitis (AC) in women. The ACSS, originally developed in Uzbek and Russian, both considered original languages, is now available in several other languages. This study aimed to translate and validate the ACSS in the Tajik language. Material and Methods: Linguistic validation was carried out according to the Linguistic Validation Manual for Patient-Reported Outcomes Instruments guidelines. Clinical validation was performed by enrolling fifty-four Tajik-speaking women. All women included in this study were first interviewed about the understandability of all questions and statements in the final Tajik ACSS and were asked to fill in form A at the first visit (diagnostics) and form B at any follow-up visit (patient-reported outcome). Results: Thirty-three women, median (range) age of 35 (18-77), were diagnosed with AC (patient group), while twenty-one women, median (range) age of 34 (20-61) (p = 0.109), were enrolled as the control group without any other urological disease. For the diagnostics of AC, a summary score of the six typical symptoms ("Typical" domain) showed the best balance between sensitivity (0.73) and specificity (0.71) at 5 and above. Cronbach's alpha [95% CI] and split-half reliability [95%] were 0.82 [0.76; 0.98] and 0.84 [0.77; 0.87], respectively. At the follow-up visit, the patients reported a significant reduction in the "Typical" domain and an improvement in the "Quality of Life" domain. Conclusion: The Tajik ACSS showed good reliability and diagnostic values and may be used as a reliable tool for the diagnosis and patient-reported outcome in women with AC in clinical and epidemiological studies and for daily practice.
urinary tract infection,cystitis,Acute Cystitis Symptom Score,ACSS,patient-reported outcome,typical symptoms,quality of life
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