Blockchian Empowered Reliable Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing Networks.


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The new paradigm that combines directed acyclic graph (DAG) blockchain with mobile edge computing (MEC) can enable secure edge task execution and maintain the auditability and integrity of trust management. A critical issue is that, blockchain cannot guarantee the trustworthiness of data sources off the chain even though the data have been recorded on the chain. To address this problem, we develop a trusted MEC (T-MEC) framework in this paper. To be specific, we first design an off-chain trust management mechanism, wherein the trust of each edge node is evaluated according to the quality of task execution results, and the trust can be further verified off the chain by any edge node with the shared and predefined trust management rule. Then, we design an on-chain trust based DAG consensus mechanism, wherein the on-chain transaction transaction security is positively correlated with off-chain trust value. The transactions issued by the edge node with higher off-chain trust can achieve higher on-chain security. In addition, we jointly optimize the computation offloading and resource allocation to minimize the system latency. Numerical results compare system latency and security performance between the optimized T-MEC and the benchmark schemes. In particular, the optimized T-MEC can achieve a 20.42% gain of system latency.
blockchain,trust management,consensus mechanism,computation offloading,resource allocation
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