Fostering Human Activity Recognition Workflows: An Open-Source Baseline Framework


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The application of machine and deep learning algorithms in Human Activity Recognition (HAR) has shown great potential for monitoring various professional and daily life activities, benefiting different research areas such as healthcare, well-being and industrial automation. HAR can enable the development of various services and applications to empower technical performance and enable risk prevention in working places, to support education and training, and, more in general, to monitor the biopsychosocial status of people. However, we still lack a baseline framework for easily implementing the data processing pipeline that must be designed to setup and configure HAR workflows. This makes challenging to estimate the effectiveness, efficiency, and the overall quality of HAR solutions, thus hindering the comparison among different approaches. This also increases the likelihood that researchers introduce errors, which negatively affect the accuracy of the obtained results. To fill in the gap, this paper introduces B-HAR, an open-source framework to automatically implement baseline HAR workflows.
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