SentMask: A Sentence-Aware Mask Attention-Guided Two-Stage Text Summarization Component

Rui Zhang, Nan Zhang,Jianjun Yu

Int. J. Intell. Syst.(2023)

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The text summarization task aims to generate succinct sentences that summarise what an article tries to express. Based on pretrained language models, combining extractive and abstractive summarization approaches has been widely adopted in text summarization tasks. It has been proven to be effective in many existing pieces of research using extract-then-abstract algorithms. However, this method suffers from semantic information loss throughout the extraction process, resulting in incomprehensive sentences being generated during the abstract phase. Besides, current research on text summarization emphasizes only word-level comprehension while paying little attention to understanding the level of the sentence. To tackle this problem, in this paper, we propose the SentMask component. Taking into account that the semantics of sentences that are filtered out during the extraction process is also worth considering, the paper designs a sentence-aware mask attention mechanism in the process of generating a text summary. By applying the extractive approach, the paper first selects the most essential sentences to construct the initial summary phrases. This information leads the model to modify the weights of the attention mechanism, which provides supervision for the generative model to ensure that it focuses on the sentences that convey important semantics while not ignoring others. The final summary is constructed based on the key information provided. The experimental results demonstrate that our model achieves higher ROUGE and BLEU scores compared to other baseline models on two benchmark datasets.
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