Control of the Thermal Field of S/L Interface Front and Crystal Growth of Mono-Like Crystalline Silicon Assisted by Direct Current


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In order to stabilize the thermal field at solid/liquid (S/L) interface front micro region, a novel method for introducing direct current (DC) to the melt has been proposed. Based on the Joule heat effect, a micro heat source was introduced into the S/L interface front, and the melt temperature of interface front was increased, which was confirmed by the actual measured results. Furthermore, benefit from the optimized thermal field, the stability of the S/L interface during directional solidification (DS) was improved. It was conducive to the crystal growth of mono-like crystalline silicon and the regulation mechanism for DC on crystal growth was discussed. This technology overcomes the bottleneck of micro thermal field control, which is expected to achieve the adjustment of crystal growth for silicon, including mono-like crystalline silicon, cast multi-crystalline silicon, and Czochralski (Cz) single crystalline silicon.
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Direct current,Joule heat effect,S/L interface,Mono-like crystalline silicon,Crystal growth
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