Advanced Mesh Space Mapping Approach With Fast Coarse Mesh Models Comprising Sharpening Structural Processing and Mesh Deformation


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Mesh space mapping (MSM) is widely recognized as a popular surrogate-based optimization approach for expediting electromagnetic (EM) design, particularly in cases where traditional equivalent circuit coarse models are not readily available for standard space mapping (SM). This article proposes an advanced MSM method incorporating fast coarse mesh models. A sharpening structural processing (SSP) technique is introduced for a fine model consisting of curved elements to generate a coarse model composed of entirely sharp-cutting structures. As a result, coarser meshes can be utilized in the coarse model, significantly reducing costly and time-consuming computations. Furthermore, optimization of the coarse mesh incorporates an improved mesh deformation technique, enabling continuous variation of the EM responses with respect to changing geometric dimensions. The synergistic combination of the SSP and mesh deformation techniques yields a considerably low-computational-cost coarse mesh model, accelerating the overall MSM optimization. Three examples of EM optimization of microwave components demonstrate the proposed method.
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& nbsp,Electromagnetic (EM) optimization,mesh deformation,mesh space mapping (MSM),microwave component,sharpening structural processing (SSP)
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