UniFormerV2: Unlocking the Potential of Image ViTs for Video Understanding.


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The prolific performances of Vision Transformers (ViTs) in image tasks have prompted research into adapting the image ViTs for video tasks. However, the substantial gap between image and video impedes the spatiotemporal learning of these image-pretrained models. Though video-specialized models like UniFormer can transfer to the video domain more seamlessly, their unique architectures require prolonged image pretraining, limiting the scalability. Given the emergence of powerful open-source image ViTs, we propose unlocking their potential for video understanding with efficient UniFormer designs. We call the resulting model UniFormerV2, since it inherits the concise style of the Uni-Former block, while redesigning local and global relation aggregators that seamlessly integrate advantages from both ViTs and UniFormer. Our UniFormerV2 achieves state-of-the-art performances on 8 popular video benchmarks, including scene-related Kinetics-400/600/700, heterogeneous Moments in Time, temporal-related Something-Something V1/V2, and untrimmed ActivityNet and HACS. It is note-worthy that to the best of our knowledge, UniFormerV2 is the first to elicit 90% top-1 accuracy on Kinetics-400.
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