Adversarial Training for Physics-Informed Neural Networks


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Physics-informed neural networks have shown great promise in solving partial differential equations. However, due to insufficient robustness, vanilla PINNs often face challenges when solving complex PDEs, especially those involving multi-scale behaviors or solutions with sharp or oscillatory characteristics. To address these issues, based on the projected gradient descent adversarial attack, we proposed an adversarial training strategy for PINNs termed by AT-PINNs. AT-PINNs enhance the robustness of PINNs by fine-tuning the model with adversarial samples, which can accurately identify model failure locations and drive the model to focus on those regions during training. AT-PINNs can also perform inference with temporal causality by selecting the initial collocation points around temporal initial values. We implement AT-PINNs to the elliptic equation with multi-scale coefficients, Poisson equation with multi-peak solutions, Burgers equation with sharp solutions and the Allen-Cahn equation. The results demonstrate that AT-PINNs can effectively locate and reduce failure regions. Moreover, AT-PINNs are suitable for solving complex PDEs, since locating failure regions through adversarial attacks is independent of the size of failure regions or the complexity of the distribution.
neural networks,training,physics-informed
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