Composite nanofillers with a locust-like cushioned half-moon structure to improve the impact resistance of polyurethane

Journal of Materials Research and Technology(2023)

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Developing a highly impact absorption properties polyurethane elastomer with exceptional strength and toughness is crucial in the realm of polyurethane impact protection. Inspired by the energy dissipation structure of the soft and hard bonding in the hind limb of locusts, the paper fixed the dynamic disulphide bonds commonly found in bioproteins after hydroxy-functionalized on SiO2 by quaternization reaction, and is creatively applied in the field of impact resistance as soft and hard sacrifice micro-regions into the polyurethane. Benefiting from the multi-scale energy dissipation approach formed by the breakage of dynamic disulphide bonds, the stress obstruction by rigid particles, and the strong bonding interface between the composite filler and the matrix, polyurethane composite have demonstrated great efficiency in energy absorption and impact protection. The static compression strength of IPS@SiO2/PUE is 148.8% higher compared to neat PUE. Furthermore, the dynamic impact energy absorption of the composite PUE was increased by 109.36%, nearly twice that of the original polyurethane. This study proposes that this strategic approach has the potential to offer a novel method for material design, which facilitates bionic design of high-impact protective elastomers utilizing different energy dissipation mechanisms.
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