Nanoencapsulation of biofunctional components as a burgeoning nanotechnology-based approach for functional food development: A review


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Society has witnessed an increased consciousness regarding the consumption of nutritious food products and associated commodities that encompass biofunctional components (BFCs). These BFCs have the potential to positively impact human well-being. Regrettably, the enduring stability and bioactivity of BFCs in the face of environmental factors undermine their intended and efficacious functionality. Nanoencapsulation is a highly efficient technique utilized to encapsulate environmentally responsive BFCs within nanocapsules, thereby enhancing their stability and bioavailability. Hence, this review investigates the impact of encapsulation on BFCs and explores how nanoencapsulation techniques can be utilized in the food sector to preserve and enhance the functional attributes of naturally present food BFCs. Nanoencapsulation can also facilitate the generation of favorable sensory characteristics (such as aroma, texture, color, and taste), thereby playing a significant role in the formulation and advancement of innovative food and beverage products. Nanoencapsulation is currently witnessing sustained growth owing to its distinct capabilities, broad adaptability, and a wide array of practical uses. The success of nanoencapsulation can be attributed to its well-documented efficacy in preserving the encapsulated BFCs from the surrounding environment. Additionally, it aids in optimizing the delivery and controlled release of the transported active compounds. Hence, in this comprehensive analysis, we have presented the most recent breakthroughs in the development of nanocarriers for the encapsulation of BFCs. Additionally, we have discussed the significant applications of these nanocarriers in the realms of functional food and intelligent food packaging. The primary focus of this review is to prioritize key findings and significant breakthroughs to deliver an advanced analysis of the existing literature.
Novel food,Essential oils,Product formulations,Functional characteristics,Human health,Industrial application
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