BrushLens: Hardware Interaction Proxies for Accessible Touchscreen Interface Actuation.

UIST '23: Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology(2023)

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Touchscreen devices, designed with an assumed range of user abilities and interaction patterns, often present challenges for individuals with diverse abilities to operate independently. Prior efforts to improve accessibility through tools or algorithms necessitated alterations to touchscreen hardware or software, making them inapplicable for the large number of existing legacy devices. In this paper, we introduce BrushLens, a hardware interaction proxy that performs physical interactions on behalf of users while allowing them to continue utilizing accessible interfaces, such as screenreaders and assistive touch on smartphones, for interface exploration and command input. BrushLens maintains an interface model for accurate target localization and utilizes exchangeable actuators for physical actuation across a variety of device types, effectively reducing user workload and minimizing the risk of mistouch. Our evaluations reveal that BrushLens lowers the mistouch rate and empowers visually and motor impaired users to interact with otherwise inaccessible physical touchscreens more effectively.
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